DUI convictions will prevent entry into Canada

The Canadian Government excludes certain non-Canadian citizens from entering Canada. These individuals are members of an Inadmissible Classes, and thus have an official Inadmissible status barring entry into Canada. Some individuals mistake the Inadmissible status for restricting their ability to operate a motor vehicle in Canada. Inadmissible status prevents an individual from entering Canada or remaining within the Canadian borders.

Criminal convictions can qualify an individual as a member of the Inadmissible Class. Minor offenses like shoplifting, theft, possession of illegal substances, and unauthorized possession of a firearm will trigger the Inadmissible status. Felony criminal convictions will also create an Inadmissible status.

Canada regards DUI / DWI as an extremely serious offense. A conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI) will qualify you as a member of the Inadmissible Class. Those with such convictions will not be allowed to enter Canada freely.

There is good news. The Inadmissible status can be removed. However, before the Inadmissible status can be removed the individual must wait five years from the termination of the custodial portion (if any) of the sentence imposed. At that point you may apply for a Minister's Approval of Rehabilitation. Of course it takes a considerable amount of time to process the paperwork, and fees are involved.

How can you enter Canada before the Inadmissible status is removed? You may need to visit Canadian relatives, or your employer sends you to Canada on business. You will be required to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. The Temporary Resident Permit allows you to visit Canada for a single purpose or for a limited period. Of course, there are more forms and fees. At Berner Law Group, PLLC, we can assist you through this convoluted process. Contact us today so you can visit Canada.

Persons may apply for a Temporary Resident Permit, Approval of Rehabilitation, or Permission to Return to Canada either in Canada or at one these Canadian visa offices in the United States:

The Canadian Consulate General in BUFFALO, NY
The Canadian Consulate General in NEW YORK, NY
The Canadian Consulate General in DETROIT, MI
The Canadian Consulate General in LOS ANGELES, CA
The Canadian Consulate General in SEATTLE, WA

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